Will Guntur Kaaram defeat Dunki or Salaar?

Will "Guntur Kaaram" 

defeat Dunki or Salaar?

Will Guntur Kaaram defeat Dunki or Salaar?

"Guntur Kaaram" is a 2024 Telugu-language action drama directed by Trivikram Srinivas and produced by S. Radha Krishna under Haarika & Hassine Creations. The film stars Mahesh Babu, Sreeleela, Meenakshi Chaudhary, Ramya Krishna, Jayaram, Prakash Raj, and Jagapathi Babu. Officially announced in May 2021 as SSMB28, the film began principal photography in September 2022, concluding by December 2023. Thaman S composed the music, with Manoj Paramahamsa as the cinematographer and Naveen Nooli as the editor.

Released globally on January 12, 2024, to coincide with Sankranti, the film received mixed reviews from critics, who lauded Mahesh Babu's energetic performance. The plot is set in 1998 Guntur, following the aftermath of a Mirchi factory fire and its impact on Satyam's family, primarily focusing on his son, Venkata Ramana.


In 1998, two guys named Marx and Lenin tried to burn down Satyam's chili factory in Guntur. Satyam confronts them, but things go wrong, and Satyam ends up in jail for 12 years. During the incident, Satyam's brother-in-law tries to hurt Lenin, causing Satyam's son Ramana to lose vision in one eye.

Ramana's mom, Vasundhara, decides to leave him and goes away with her dad, Venkata Swamy. Fast forward 25 years, Venkata Swamy, now in politics, makes Vasundhara a minister. But trouble arises when a guy named Kata threatens to reveal that Ramana is Vasundhara's son.

To solve this, Venkata Swamy wants Ramana to sign papers saying he's not related to Vasundhara. Ramana refuses unless he sees his mom. There's a lot of back and forth, and things get complicated with fake accusations against Ramana. Eventually, Ramana reluctantly signs the papers after a confrontation with his mom.

In Guntur, Kata attempts to reveal Ramana’s secret and confusion reigns. Ramana’s family secrets emerge, and he goes through a hard time. Vasundhara has an accident, and it is found out that people intended to hurt her.

As events unfold, it is revealed that Ramana’s grandpa Venkata Swamy had a dark history. He carried out an attack on a factory to regain Vasundhara, who married outside their caste years back. Ramana discovers that his life is all lies, and it is a shock. After a while, in the course of an event, more secrets are revealed about Ramana’s adopted brother and how Vasundhara cheated on Venkata Swamy. He is angry with his grandpa but stops him because of her mom. So, the family heads back to Guntur but then a bitter reunion happens after all those shocking revelations.


  • Mahesh Babu as Venkata Ramana;
  • Sreeleela as Amutya "Ammu";
  • Meenakshi Chaudhary as Raji;
  • Ramya Krishnan as Vasundhara;
  • Jayaram as Satyam;
  • Prakash Raj as Venkata Swamy;
  • Jagapathi Babu as Marx;
  • Rao Ramesh as Narayana;
  • Easwari Rao as Bujji;
  • Murali Sharma as Pani;
  • Sunil as Lenin;
  • Vennela Kishore as Balu;
  • Rahul Ravindran as Gopal;
  • Kata Madhu - P. Ravi Shankar.


Trivikram Srinivas and Mahesh Babu joined forces in April 2021, the movie was said to be then named SSMB28. During the first schedule, production encountered difficulties that prompted script alterations and a genre switch from action to family entertainment. Pooja Hegde was replaced by Sreeleela as the leading lady. The journey of the film production involved a series of schedules, photography alterations, and massive shooting endeavors to be completed by December 2023.


The soundtrack and the background score of this film have been composed by Thaman S. There are songs such as "Dum Masala", "Oh My Baby", "Kurchi Madathapetti", and "Mawaa Enthaina". Thoman’s work with music synchronized suitably well for both sentiment sequences alongside those full of action adding value to a whole cinema viewing experience.

Release and Reception:

On January 12, Although the movie received both positive and negative reviews, it was successful in creating great pre-release hype, especially in Kerala with attention-grabbing readings of Rs 2.35 lakhs before actually getting released on screen. - A clash with other releases and the festive period of Sankranti helped in building hype around this film. whether it's box office and how audiences receive the film will determine its effect on Telugu cinema.

Hype and Box Office Performance:

2 even though critics gave this show reviews of mixed grades "Guntur Kaaram" continues to generate a huge pre-release response, particularly in Kerala where it has sold tickets for Rs 2.35 lakhs earlier than its release date. This early success shows that there was a huge interest among the fans even before its formal release which holds Mahesh Babu in high esteem. With the other releases and strategic releases around the Sankranti festive period, The film's anticipation is heightened.

As Mahesh Babu works again with Trivikram after 14 years, fans are looking forward to the film. The conflict with other movies such as 'HanuMan' and 'Saindhav', or Nagarjuna‘s film titled: "Naa Saami Ranga" has also fueled the wondering about how well will "Guntur Kaaram" perform at the box office.

Marketing and Public Reception:

The marketing strategy of "Guntur Kaaram" had been planned strategically with a first look released on the 80th birth anniversary of Mahesh Babu’s father Krishna. On 7 January 2023, the official trailer was launched which stoked anticipation for this intense drama film packed with sterling acts and glorious music by Thaman S.
The mismatch with other high-profile releases in Sankranti has ignited discussions and debates among film buffs, further increasing the entire hullaballoo. The remarkable pre-sales of the film in Kerala, with a very notable figure of Rs 2.35 lakhs collected even before its release is an indicator that there was going to be strong admiration and adoration from audiences after it launched onto theatre screens. 25 scheduling shows, the early success in Kerala confirms that “Guntur Kaaram” will be a hit.

The Anticipated Impact:

As the story of Guntur Karam and his unforeseen alliance with a journalist, played by Sreeleela, unfolds in this film there lies an exciting ride filled with love arguments for justice and moral conflict worth watching. Trivikram masterfully handles complicated relationships between characters and its captivating dialogues as a bonus for the audience.
The rivalry with other releases and the tactical release during the festival season of Sankranti makes this film more expected. Mahesh Babu’s sturdy fan base and Trivikram’s narration skills are the aspects that would possibly establish the movie as successful. The unconventional narrative arc, from an action thriller to a family-oriented farce is a delightful surprise that may work with the public.

The Road Ahead:

The upcoming weeks will be decisive for "Guntur Kaaram" as it confronts the competitive arena of the box office. Its box office performance will be closely monitored, and audience reactions have a key role in determining how long it remains relevant. Since Mahesh Babu and Trivikram have teamed up after more than a decade, the movie will be coffee-colored with increasing expectations that its performance can impact future actor-director tandem of this kind.

Post-Release Analysis:

"Guntur Kaaram" is now out in the global market, and hence it becomes important to consider its effect on audience response as well as box office standings. The legacy of this film and the impact it will have on future collaborations between Mahesh Babu and Trivikram Srinivas will depend upon how well-received their work is by critics as well as audiences in terms of box offices.

Critical Reception:

Though initial reviews have been somewhat polarising, with critics voicing different points of view, one everlasting positive point has emerged - Mahesh Babu’s dynamic portrayal. Cinephiles have also been discussing Trivikram's narrative style and performances of the ensemble cast.

Commercial Performance:

It has a clash with other Sankranti releases and the pre-sales success in Kerala to anticipate an exciting journey at the Box Office. The film's sales in the upcoming weeks will indicate how successful it was going to be financially. Such factors as audience word-of-mouth, the number of people coming to cinemas consistently, and competition from other releases will all have contributed to final box office results.

Audience Feedback:

Post-release, social media platforms, audience forums, and word-of-mouth play a significant part in framing the narrative about that film. Performance, plot twists, and overall satisfaction from the viewers will be closely monitored. Positive audience buzz can play a major role in the long-term success of the film.

Impact on Telugu Cinema:

However, with a long gap between Mahesh Babu and Trivikram Srinivas' collaboration, "Guntur Kaaram" has been able to gather the expectations of both the fans as well as industry people. The significance of the film for Telugu cinema will go beyond its box-office earnings, influencing patterns and possibly establishing benchmarks for future projects.

The Legacy of Guntur Kaaram:

Altogether, despite the first negative comments from critics at the time of movie release, a film's real fame is usually revealed later. The legacy of "Guntur Kaaram" will be defined by the resonance of its storyline, the memorable performances, and its effects on Telugu cinema’s narrative landscape.


The film "Guntur Kaaram" is not a typical action drama that runs further into the awry family relationships, political intrigue, and repentance of individuals. Mahesh Babu, Trivikram Srinivas, and a group of talented actors have joined hands to form an interesting movie that is bound to fascinate viewers.

While critics’ reactions have been varied, the real draw will come from how well the movie sells at the box office and what viewers think of it. Mahesh Babu has a devoted following of fans and with the storytelling capabilities delivered by Trivikram may be instrumental in making this film successful.

As the movie unveils how Guntur Karam forms an unlikely bond with a reporter played by Sreeleela, it appears to be taking us on a thrilling ride through love, fairness, and situational morality. Trivikram has skillfully woven intricate character interactions and thought-provoking dialogues, which intensifies the drama and captivates the viewers. It remains to be seen if "Guntur Kaaram" will live up to viewers' expectations and leave a unique impact on Telugu cinema. As the movie saw release during Christmas days and based on positive pre-release revenues in Kerala, it seems that its first week is going to be a start of excellent work; only time would reveal how high this film can go.

Q: What is "Guntur Kaaram" about?

Ans: "Guntur Kaaram" is an arresting Telugu activity show that unfurls a story of off-the-record pieces of information, political interest, and startling turns traversing more than twenty years.

Q: Who are the vital characters in the film?

Ans: The film highlights Mahesh Babu as Venkata Ramana, Sreeleela as Amutya "Ammu," Meenakshi Chaudhary as Raji, Ramya Krishnan as Vasundhara, and a heavenly cast including Jayaram, Prakash Raj, and Jagapathi Babu.

Q: What compels Mahesh Babu's presentation to stick out?

Ans: Mahesh Babu's depiction of Venkata Ramana is hailed for its profundity and energy, bringing alive a person snared in a trap of special kinds of mystery and political tricks.

Q: How does the film mix activity and family show?

Ans: "Guntur Kaaram" consistently winds around together extraordinary activity successions with profound family shows, making a true-to-life experience that keeps crowds as eager and anxious as ever.

Q: What provoked the shift from an activity thrill ride to a family performer during creation?

Ans: At first, promoted as an activity thrill ride, the film went through an imaginative shift during creation, changing into a family performer. Chief Trivikram Srinivas adjusted the content to upgrade the profound account.

Q: Inform us regarding the unique soundtrack of the film.

Ans: Thaman S's music lifts the film's effect, with tracks like "Dum Masala," "Goodness My Child," "Kurchi Madathapetti," and "Mawaa Enthaina" reverberating with the crowd.

Q: How did the film "Guntur Kaaram" perform in the cinema world on its delivery?

Ans: "Guntur Kaaram" hit auditoriums overall on January 12, 2024, harmonizing with Sankranti. Remain tuned for refreshes on its film industry execution and crowd gathering.

Q: For what reason is the film "Guntur Kaaram" making a buzz in Kerala?

Ans: The film's momentous pre-deals progress in Kerala, with a business of Rs 2.35 lakhs, demonstrates areas of strength for interest even before its true delivery, stamping it as a must-watch.

Q: Could you at any point feature the joint effort between Mahesh Babu and Trivikram Srinivas?

Ans: "Guntur Kaaram" marks the get-together of Mahesh Babu and chief Trivikram Srinivas following 14 years. Their prior coordinated efforts incorporate hit motion pictures like "Athadu" and "Khaleja."

Q: Is "Guntur Kaaram" expected to leave an enduring effect on Telugu film?

Ans:  With its strong storyline, heavenly cast, and the sorcery of Mahesh Babu and Trivikram Srinivas' joint effort, "Guntur Kaaram" can leave an enduring engraving on the scene of the Telugu film.

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